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How to be Intentional through a Morning Routine

It’s that time of year and for us ladies who suffer from mental illness, this can be one of the more difficult times of year. The seasons are changing and the holidays are here. In my last post, I discussed some ways to get through the holiday season. One of the things that I mentioned was having a solid routine that you can fall back on in the midst of the chaos of holiday season. Having a solid morning routine to look forward to is what has gotten me through some of the toughest times. The mornings just have a quality that make me feel at peace and more centered. I realize that I help to nurture those feelings by taking control of my routine and doing the things that create even more spaciousness in my life. Here are some ways that you can create an intentional morning routine that will set you up for your day:

Create a routine that you love and that truly suits you. 

In creating my own routine, I had to realize that what everyone else does might not work for me. For instance, many of the Youtubers that I watch have coffee in every single one of their morning routines. As someone who sometimes struggles with severe anxiety, this did not work for me. I noticed that I was more anxious with even just the one cup of coffee. So, I dropped the coffee. Also, I noticed that none of the people I subscribed to did anything to really focus on centering or connecting with Creator. That didn’t work for me either, so I added something to my routine where I could connect with God first thing. The point is that you have to find what feels right for you and not be afraid to do something different than what others are doing.

Set your intention first thing. 

What do you truly want from this day? If this were a perfect day, what would you accomplish and what would it look like? Now, write that down and get your hopes for the day into the universe. Setting an intention gets your head in the right space for the day. When you know what you want or need to accomplish, you are in control of your day rather than the other way around. Even if your intention is just to laze around and watch Netflix-that’s self-care! Never feel bad about having an intention that does not involve a massive amount of work. This is about putting what you really want into the universe and getting yourself set up to receive.

Get in touch with Creator and/or Self. 

I know that not everyone who reads this blog is a believer, but I am so I will speak from my own experience. Touching base with God first thing in the morning sets the tone for the day. Growing up, I learned that the first thing a person is supposed to do after they open their eyes, before their feet even hit the floor, is to say a prayer of thanks to God for the new day. This small prayer is now habit and I often do it mindlessly. I have found that the mornings that I take the time to either actually sit in centering prayer, meditation, or devotion with God I feel way more capable of conquering my day.

Getting in touch with creator could be done in many ways. Some of the things I like to do are: praying on my knees, centering prayer (google it!), yoga, meditation, listening to Christian music and journaling, watching sermons online and taking notes. If you’re not a believer, getting in touch with Self is just as important. You can use meditation, yoga, music, and journaling to do this. 

Nourish yourself.

I’m not always great about this one. I don’t tend to be very hungry in the morning, but I realize that starting my day off with a nourishing meal is helpful. Everyone has different ideas about what healthy is so I won’t start that debate. The point of this tip is that when you have fed yourself something that you view as healthful or nourishing, it puts you in a space of feeling good. You know that you have done something good for yourself for the day, even if it is just one meal. That good feeling will follow you throughout your day and create more opportunity to feel good. 

Start with Gratefulness. 

On the topic of feeling good, my gratefulness practice always leaves me feeling substantially better than when I started. My practice is easy, I think of one or two things that I am really grateful for that day and write it down. However, when I write it down, I try to really feel the gratefulness deep in my bones. I close my eyes and revel in it. I then say and write down a simple prayer of thanks to God and the Universe for providing. I have a more in depth practice that I do once a week, but the simple one will suffice for a daily practice. 

Turn off Technology.

K, don’t kill me for saying this. I know we all love our technology and I’m not saying that you can’t have it. What I am saying is that one can be intentional with their use of it by mindfully setting it aside for 30 minutes to an hour in the morning while completing the morning routine. It helps to disconnect from the world and really just be with yourself for some time. 

Do Something you Love. 

Your morning routine should be fun. You should go to bed excited because you get to wake up and do all of these things that make you feel good. You can do this by adding one thing that you love to your routine. For me, it’s writing. So, I try to journal for a few minutes every morning. For you it could be exercising or dancing, so maybe you want to add a 15 or 30 minute workout to your routine. Maybe you love watching Youtube or reading blogs. At the end of your routine, you could read or catch up on videos for 15 minutes. The idea is to be mindful with whatever you’re doing. Set a time and stick to it. Adding something you love will just put you in a state of feeling good, which will set you up to feel good the rest of the day

Ritualize it.  

What I mean is to be so consistent with your routine that it becomes sacred. Once the holiday craze is over, it will help to have this piece of familiarity to go to every single day. Also, if you’re in any role like a parent, having this one thing that is just for you will be good for your mental and emotional health.

I truly hope that this helps! Let me know in the comments what you plan on adding to your routine to make it more intentional. Also, please subscribe and share this post if you liked it!
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As always with love,
Alli B
Sonny B
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Alli B is the voice behind She is a self-defined weird (queer) black woman who is a survivor of mental illness and childhood sexual trauma. She is a lover of people and a lover of God. Alli’s mission in life is to empower and inspire those who have gone through or who are going through any type of darkness. Her loves are her family, books, writing, movies, and football (Go Broncos!). The boring stuff: Alli received her Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies at Colorado State University in 2013. She is now working on her Master’s degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and is expected to graduate in May of 2018. Alli's goal is to work with underserved populations of women and children through private practice. Her life goals include: running a successful blog, publishing her books, and becoming a successful therapist.

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